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Sump Pump Repair in Kelowna & Vernon, BC

Sump pumps prevent most basement flooding and leaking issues. They’re designed to remove water from basements and crawlspaces.

You can rely on Roto-Rooter’s sump pump services to keep your sump pump working properly and prevent flooding in your basement. If it’s time for a replacement, we can help you choose the right model and install a sump pump in your house.

Contact Roto-Rooter in Kelowna, Vernon, and Lake Country, BC if you need a sump pump repaired, replaced, or assessed.

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What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a submersible pump that sits at the bottom of a sump pit, which is typically installed at the lowest point in your basement floor or crawl space.

Ground water surrounding your home’s foundation is channeled into a perimeter drain system installed at the base of the foundation. Water finds its way into the perforated drainpipes and is quickly diverted to the sump pit. The sump pump, which is triggered by a float switch once water reaches a certain level, removes the water by pumping it to the nearest storm drain, dry well or detention pond. A sump pump turns on only when water inside the sump pit reaches a pre-determined level.

In most cases, new homes come equipped with sump pumps. Older homes can be retrofitted with a sump system to prevent basement flooding.

Residential sump pumps can be hard-wired into a home’s electrical system or be plugged into an outlet. Many sump pumps are equipped with a battery backup to ensure that the pump will work when the power is out, such as during a severe storm when it’s especially important that water is pumped away from your home.

Test Your Sump Pump Regularly

Every sump pump needs to be tested regularly to make sure it will operate and keep your basement dry when the next big downpour occurs. Test it by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit.

The pump should turn on, remove the water from the pit and shut itself off in a matter of seconds. Ensure that the float and the check valve, and discharge pipe are in good working order. Routine checks minimize wear, extend the pump’s lifespan, and provide peace of mind during heavy rainfall.

Sump Pump Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your sump pump and safeguard your home from potential flooding. Ensure that it’s cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

To clean your sump pit, remove any dirt, sand, gravel and other debris to increase the pump’s efficiency and prolong its life. Ensure that the discharge line opening is free of obstructions so that water can be pumped through the line and out of your basement or crawlspace.

Sump Pump Replacement

Like any equipment with moving parts, sump pumps will wear out over time and will need to be replaced.

There is no general rule on how often a sump pump should be replaced since it depends on how often the pump operates. On average, a sump pump can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

Sump pumps that run frequently, especially in areas with high water tables or heavy rainfall, may wear out faster.

If you notice any signs of trouble, such as unusual noises, frequent cycling, or water not being pumped out effectively, it’s a clear indication that you should have a new sump pump installed.

Kelowna Sump Pump Installations

If you require sump pump repair or a new sump pump installation in Kelowna, Roto-Rooter Kelowna is here to assist you. Our licensed and insured technicians offer plumbing installation services, emergency repairs, and drain solutions throughout the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.


Submersible vs. Pedestal Sump Pumps: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of sump pumps: submersible and pedestal sump pumps. Each has a unique design, applications, benefits, and drawbacks.

Submersible Sump Pump

Submersible sump pumps are designed to be placed inside the sump pit or basin, submerged in the water below. Submersible sumps are typically installed below the basement floor level and are known for their compact, quiet operation.

Submersible pumps feature a sealed motor that operates underwater, benefiting from natural cooling that makes them less prone to overheating and extends their lifespan.

Submersible sump pumps are powerful and suitable for areas with high water tables or frequent flooding. They also offer an aesthetically pleasing solution since they remain hidden from sight and create less noise than pedestal sumps.

Pedestal Sump Pump

Pedestal sump pumps have a vertical design with the motor mounted on a pedestal above the sump pit. Pedestal systems are installed above the basement floor level and are more visible than submersible pumps. They also tend to be louder due to the exposed motor.

On the other hand, pedestal pumps are a cost-effective choice and are easier to access for maintenance and repairs.

In summary, submersible pumps excel in terms of power, longevity, and aesthetics, making them ideal for those seeking a high-performance solution.

Consider a Battery Backup

If your home experiences a power outage out for an extended period, frequent power outages or if your primary sump pump fails, a battery backup sump pump or one of many water powered backup systems (that use your home’s water supply pressure to remove water from the sump pit) will protect your basement from water damage. A Roto-Rooter plumber can present several backup options.


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What is a Sump Pump?